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PE 1000 (VIRGIN) Materials

PE 1000 (UHMW) is a special type of polyethylene (PE), which has a significantly increased number of molar masses due to its special manufacturing process and is thus clearly different from other polyethylene representatives. The ultra-high molecular weight PE 1000 plastic is therefore often referred to as PE-UHMW (ultra high molecular weight).

Unlike other representatives of polyethylene, PE 1000 is mainly used in technical applications due to its balanced properties. The exceptionally high impact strength for plastics up to temperatures of -200°C can be emphasized. Wear resistance combined with very good sliding properties is also often the basis for the use of PE 1000 in technical applications. In addition, the material is 100% water-repellent. This makes the material a reliable working material in many areas, even under difficult conditions.

With its properties, PE 1000 is predestined for applications in the field of handling technology, e. g. as a coating for hoppers and conveyors when transporting bulk or bulk material. PE-UHMW is also used in mechanical engineering in the form of chain guides, cam guides, slide rails or bearings.

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