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PE 1000 (RCM) Materials

The raw material for the production of polyethylene PE is the gas ethene, which is extracted from crude oil and natural gas. The PE 1000 RCM is an ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene with a regenerated content. In the production of the material, small residual bodies of the same substance are added.

The environmentally friendly PE 1000 RCM has excellent sliding properties and high wear resistance. In addition to the good electrical insulation properties, there is also good resistance to chemicals. The moisture absorption of PE 1000 RCM is 0.0%. Other properties include a low coefficient of friction and thus good gliding properties and very low gas permeability. The operating temperatures are max. + 100 °C.

Application examples: Chain guides, cam guides, carriers, glide bars, rollers, guide rails, guide rails, guide bushes, glide plates

Products of PE 1000 (RCM)

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