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PA 6 Materials

PA 6 is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic, which is a universal material for construction and maintenance. PA 6 consists of 6 C atoms of the basic molecular building block, therefore the number 6 is part of the name.

PA 6 has good sliding properties, high impact strength and good damping and wear properties. Unlike other polyamide variants, PA 6 has a higher moisture absorption than POM, for example. The material is highly resistant to heat and cold. In the cold up to -30°C and in the heat up to 160°C.

Application examples: Gearwheels, Flanges, housings, bushes, bushings, sliding rails, rope pulleys, bearings, track rollers, threaded bolts, toothed racks, support, running rails, guide rails, sliding blocks

Products of PA 6

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